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Patient Success Stories

Nutrition Success – Libby

Libby was first referred to the Registered Dietitian in August, 2014 for help with lifestyle changes to decrease obesity and lower cholesterol. She and her mother stated that they wanted to understand what foods contain cholesterol and also how to be more active.

They were educated on topics that included healthier foods and beverage choices, types of fats in different foods, behavior modification tips for better eating habits and plausible ways to increase physical activity. At a follow-up nutrition counseling appointment in February, 2015, Libby reported that she had greatly decreased the amounts of candy, chips, juice and cookies that she was eating. She was packing a healthy lunch for school and the family was now eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking fat free milk and more water.

Libby was also pleased to share that she had participated on the basketball team and now the volleyball teams at school and was doing a 30 min exercise routine with her siblings at home on most days. She stated that she “feels her stamina improving.” Libby has seen a drop in her BMI from 27.28 to 26.88 over the past several months. She also stated that her clothes were fitting better.

Both mother and daughter were smiling and expressed happiness about the way they were feeling and the changes they had made and planned to continue with these changes.


Nutrition Success – Paulina

Eight-year-old Paulina was referred in October, 2014 to the Registered Dietitian for nutrition counseling to help with obesity, elevated lipids and liver enzymes. She and her mother were educated on portion sizes, healthier food and beverage choices, ways to increase activity and other behavior modification techniques to improve eating habits.

At a follow-up appointment in January 2015 she stated she felt really good about changes she had made in her lifestyle. Her father, joined her at this second appointment and stated that he too had been making changes and had lost weight and had his diabetes under better control. The family was eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and less sweet beverages, eating smaller portions and being more active. Paulina’s BMI had dropped from 30.28 in October, 2014 to 28.93 in January, 2015.

Dad stated that the entire family was benefitting from healthier eating and really appreciated the guidance they had received.


Dental Success – A Broken Tooth

I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences here at the dental clinic. I had a tooth break a year ago and your people saw to it that I got in to see the dentist, Dr. Fillmore, right away. He did a superior job of repairing that tooth, which has since been replaced with a crown. Meantime, Dr. Fillmore also addressed a very problematic crown done by another dentist that had fallen off while I was receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. Dr. Fillmore, in my opinion, is an excellent “craftsman” as a dentist as well as very concerned with my comfort and ease during procedures.

I’ve been to a lot of dentists in my time and am extraordinarily pleased with the quality of dentistry I have received from Dr. Fillmore and this clinic.

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