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Healthy Living Program

Benefits of Spending Time Outside

Healthy Living Program August 11, 2020

What is your favorite animal that you have seen in-person?  How about your favorite flower or plant?  How many different types of birds can you name?  Have you been to a waterfall before? When was the [...]

Staying Safe While Playing Outside

Healthy Living Program July 6, 2020

It’s summertime, and we are ready to go back outside! It’s important to spend time in nature and parks, but also to do so safely. Help to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 by practicing these habits: [...]

Tips for Healthy Cookouts

Healthy Living Program June 30, 2020

Information from EatRight.org, click here to access full article Think beyond the traditional favorites. Build a healthful barbecue of lean meats paired with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here are a few ideas for your barbecue: Go [...]

Sharing Our Feelings

Healthy Living Program May 28, 2020

We all have thoughts and feelings sometimes that are confusing. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, or angry. Holding onto feelings and keeping them inside makes it harder. Whatever you are thinking or feeling- know that [...]

Eating Healthy at Home

Healthy Living Program May 15, 2020

Most of the time, eating at home makes it easier to choose healthy options than eating out. However, if you are home all day without a regular schedule, you may find it hard to resist frequent, [...]