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Greatest Needs

We thank you for your interest in supporting C.H.A. Below you will find a list of programs we are currently asking for help with:

Center For Complex Care

Almost half of the population lives with a chronic health condition–diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, depression and asthma. Almost half of all people with chronic illness have multiple conditions. These patients need the kind of care that includes longer appointment times, team-based care, and more in-depth care coordination. As a result, C.H.A. opened their Center for Complex Care.  C.H.A.’s Center For Complex Care is dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients with the most complex needs.

We aim to eliminate barriers to patient care with a team-based approach that engages the patient to improve their quality of life. With the help of donations, C.H.A. is making important strides in our community’s health care:

  • We have freed up capacity to serve more primary care patients;
  • We are helping patients with chronic conditions receive care tailored to their specific needs;
  • We are helping patients achieve physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

As we continue to make health care a smooth process for our community, we require more staff to accommodate our patients. Your gift will contribute to this need and also help these patients get the resources to have a healthier way of life.

Behavioral Health Care

Behavioral health interventions require much more than can be covered by a primary cared provider in a single visit. C.H.A.’s team of behavioral health professionals is available for kindly referrals of these patients and will begin addressing and treating mental health concerns. These interventions, which are especially important for children and adolescents, can often be life changing but are not always covered by Medicaid or insurance. Your gift to the Behavioral Health Care program helps ensure our patients are able to understand and resolve what stands between them and an improved quality of life.

Dental Care Services

Good oral health means better general health, higher success in school and – for some– better employment opportunities. While many local dentists provide services on a pro bono basis and charges are based on a sliding fee scale, there is a huge need to:

  • Cover the costs of laboratory work
  • Fund upgraded equipment and care management
  • Keep the mobile dental vans running and on the road.

The demand for dental care far exceeds the services we are able to provide. Unfortunately that means many patients are added to a wait list. A gift to the CHA Dental Care Program ensures we never have to turn a patient away when they need dental care.

To find out more about our programs and the ways your donation can help change lives, please call Emelie Williams, Director of Foundations, at 775-336-3030.