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National Stress Awareness Month

Behavioral Health April 5, 2022

April is National Stress Awareness Month Are you or have you ever been stressed? Most likely the answer is yes. The great news is there are ways to manage and treat your stress. If needing additional [...]

World Autism Month

Medical April 2, 2022

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day Community Health Alliance takes the pledge to help create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential. Community Health Alliance pledges to help increase understanding [...]

National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Medical March 22, 2022

What is Colorectal Cancer? Colorectal cancer is a disease that starts in the colon or the rectum, the lower portion of your digestive system. Most colorectal cancers start as a growth on the inner lining of [...]

Social Workers Month

Behavioral Health March 21, 2022

March is Social Workers Month March is a time to celebrate the great profession of social work. The 2022 theme for Social Worker’s month is The Time is Right for Social Work.   This month we [...]

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Nutrition March 9, 2022

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day First celebrated in 2008, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDNs) Day commemorates the dedication of RDNs as advocates for advancing the nutrition status of Americans and people around the world. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, [...]

How to Manage and Treat Obesity

Healthy Living Program March 4, 2022

What Is Obesity? According to the Mayo Clinic, obesity is a complex disease involving an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity is not a choice, it is a disease. It’s a medical problem that increases the [...]

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Behavioral Health February 24, 2022

February 21-27 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Please join us in recognizing National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Here are some facts about eating disorders to help you or a loved one. Also, the Alliance for [...]

Understanding COVID-19 Variants

Medical February 8, 2022

What Is a Variant? Viruses are constantly changing. According to the CDC, viruses change constantly through mutation and these mutations result in new variants of viruses. As a virus spreads, it has opportunities to change and [...]