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Health Care for the Homeless

Our Record Street Health Center for the Homeless is located right between the main men and women’s homeless shelter for a very strategic reason: To provide quality medical, dental and intensive behavioral health assistance to our homeless population.

While we gladly serve homeless patients at any of our seven health centers, our Record Street Health Center for the Homeless is our health center dedicated solely to improving homeless health and is strategically located between the Men and Women’s Homeless Shelters on Record Street.

Record Street Health Center for the Homeless Mission: Providing the best care for some of our community’s most vulnerable, the homeless.

Record Street Health Center Vision, modeled after our Community Health Alliances C.A.R.E.S. vision:

Compassionate and high-quality care for the homeless of Reno

Accessibility to care by being located directly on the Community Assistance Center campus Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m. -3:15 p.m. in downtown Reno on Record Street

Respect for our homeless men, women, and children we serve and understanding their unique social, behavioral, and medical needs

Excellence in care delivery with a team of clinical staff include medical, behavioral health, psychiatric, outreach, care coordination, and pharmacy services

Service orientation to be a common link to the community agencies in Reno/Sparks devoted to homeless care

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Thank you for being my doctor!

Your clinic helps so many people and moves them through very efficiently.  I never mind waiting because I know you are helping someone.  And, when you come in to see me you always give me your full attention, as if I am your only patient.  Your good will and positive intent always shine through. Thank you for being my doctor.

Steven H.

I feel like I just walked in and won the lottery.

I feel like I just walked in and won the lottery…I lost one tooth 2 years ago and I was heartbroken and said I never wanna lose a tooth again. I have been so scared that I would not be able to afford my teeth and now I know I can! I am so so so happy! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!