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When you’ve got a healthcare family who listens, understands, and believes in you, it can change your life. That’s what we do. Regardless of your income or insurance status.

At seven convenient locations throughout the Truckee Meadows, Community Health Alliance is proud to provide you with the kind of friendly, compassionate, and highly skilled health care you deserve. 

Age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or sexuality; economic, citizenship, or disability status – these delineations are both respected and invisible here. We are a place of diversity and empathy, and have created a safe place for all.

Maybe you need vital screenings, or maybe it’s preventative care. Maybe it’s comprehensive primary care from a provider who puts you at ease or speaks your language. It’s all here. Likewise for affordable pharmacies, childhood dental care, the management of chronic diseases, and even mental health services.

Additionally, and importantly, we welcome and are humbled by the opportunity to care for our region’s unsheltered and underserved populations at each of our locations as well as through our mobile healthcare units that are placed throughout the community.

At the end of the day, our promise to you is simply this: To partner with and guide you and your family members to reach your healthcare and wellness goals.

Designations and Awards

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure we are providing the highest quality health care in the region, we have sought and have received recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality, as a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is not a place, it’s a partnership with your primary care provider. It is a formal way of saying that you are at the center of your care, working with your healthcare team to create a personalized plan for reaching your goals.

You may make different stops at different places. Care may include primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy, specialists, hospital care, and community support. Wherever your journey takes you, your primary care team at Community Health Alliance will help guide your way and coordinate your care.

Learn more about Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

If you have diabetes, you know how challenging it can be to manage your disease. Healthy eating, physical activity, monitoring your condition, taking medication, and reducing your risk for complications are probably part of your daily routine. That’s why at Community Health Alliance, our clinical pharmacists went through the accreditation process to help you manage your diabetes easier through one-on-one personalized care.

Diabetes care is covered by Medicare and most health insurance plans when it is offered through an accredited diabetes education program, which has met rigorous criteria set by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. We are one of few organizations in Northern Nevada to be an accredited program site.

The Access Enhancer badge recognizes health centers that have increased the total number of patients and the number of patients who receive at least one comprehensive service (mental health, substance abuse, vision, dental, and/or enabling) by at least 5% during consecutive UDS reporting periods (2020 and 2021 UDS).

The Health Disparities Reducer badge recognizes health centers that qualify for the Access Enhancer badge and meet at least one of the following two criteria:

  1. Demonstrate at least a 10 percentage point improvement in low birth weight, hypertension control, and/or uncontrolled diabetes CQMs during consecutive UDS reporting years (2020 and 2021 UDS) for at least one racial/ethnic group, while maintaining or improving the health center’s overall CQM performance from the previous reporting year; and/or
  2. Meet the following benchmarks for all racial/ethnic groups served within the most recent UDS reporting year: low birth weight, hypertension control, and uncontrolled diabetes.

Recognizes health centers that meet all criteria to optimize HIT services. Health centers must meet the following five criteria:

  1. Adopted an electronic health record (EHR) system
  2. Offers telehealth services
  3. Exchanges clinical information electronically with key providers health care settings
  4. Engages patients through health IT
  5. Collects data on patient social risk factors

The Addressing Social Risk Factors badge recognizes health centers that are screening for social risk factors impacting patient health and are increasing access to enabling services. Health centers must meet the following two criteria:

  1. Collect data on patient social risk factors
  2. Increase the proportion of patients receiving enabling services between consecutive UDS reporting years

We were recognized for providing comprehensive health care to every adult and child regardless of their financial position. In addition, our COVID-19 vaccination efforts were highlighted – from hosting in-person and drive-up vaccination events at our health centers, to pop-up events throughout the community to increase vaccine accessibility.

The Community Health Alliance Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Directors are proud to be recognized by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada with the 100% Giving Board Award.

To ensure our donors and community partners can support our work at Community Health Alliance with trust and confidence, we commit ourselves to financial and organizational transparency. For 2022, we received the Guidestar Silver Seal of Transparency.

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4-year-old had lots of cavities!

“My 4-year-old had lots of cavities and I went to different offices for different opinions. Many offices wanted a lot of money and to put her to sleep. Dr. Montoya worked with my daughter to help her feel safe and make her be still so she could do the work while she was awake. Nowhere else would even try. My daughter actually enjoys the dentist now, and all five of my daughters are all better brushers now from talking and learning from Dr. Montoya. She is a blessing.”


I am now receiving equal if not better care than ever.

A long time ago I had money & great health insurance. That was a long time ago! But I discovered Community Health Alliance who took me in on a sliding fee scale. I am now receiving equal if not better care than ever.

Thank you for being my doctor!

Your clinic helps so many people and moves them through very efficiently.  I never mind waiting because I know you are helping someone.  And, when you come in to see me you always give me your full attention, as if I am your only patient.  Your good will and positive intent always shine through. Thank you for being my doctor.

Steven H.

I feel like I just walked in and won the lottery.

I feel like I just walked in and won the lottery…I lost one tooth 2 years ago and I was heartbroken and said I never wanna lose a tooth again. I have been so scared that I would not be able to afford my teeth and now I know I can! I am so so so happy! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!