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Greatest Needs

We thank you for your interest in supporting Community Health Alliance. Below you will find a list of our greatest needs:

Sparks Health Center Expansion

Building a Healthier Sparks

Community Health Alliance opened the Sparks Health Center on Oddie Boulevard on August 30, 2016. Community Health Alliance’s vision was to create a robust center for health care access right in the neighborhood for residents of zip code 89431 in Sparks and surrounding areas, where almost one in five residents live below the poverty level and nearly half (47 percent) are low income.

The Sparks Health Center offers medical care, pediatric dental care, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) programs, in-house pharmacy services, and behavioral health care, as well as enrollment assistance in health insurance programs. Serving all ages, the Community Health Alliance Sparks Health Center boosts the health status of all the area’s residents.

Only 35.4% of residents in 89431 are accessing health care services. We could be seeing almost three times the number of patients currently being served, but it takes more space and more providers to serve more patients.

We are pleased to share with you that Community Health Alliance is both enlarging and enhancing the Sparks Health Center located at 2244 Oddie Blvd. This is a $1 million project, and construction has begun. Your financial support to bring the added services and access to health to the patients in this neighborhood would bolster our local healthcare system.

“The expansion of the Sparks Health Center is critical to providing new and better access to medical care for a population in great need. The commitment by CHA to expand primary care access to the Sparks community should be strongly supported by all of us, personally and professionally.”  – Dr. Tom Schwenk, Dean of UNR Medical School

Community Health Alliance built the Sparks medical and dental facility in previous commercial space. By early 2017, Community Health Alliance was routinely seeing more than 500 medical patients per month. We began treating dental patients in Sparks in March 2017 and quickly rose to the level of 350+ dental visits per month. By 2019, we had outgrown the space in the Sparks Health Center. To meet community needs, we plan to expand by adding medical exam rooms, a prescription food pantry, an expanded waiting room and in-house pharmacy.

Floor Plan Sparks Health Center

Community Health Alliance’s Sparks Health Center and all of 89431 are designated by the Federal government as a Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Area, a Dental Health Professional Shortage Area, and a Mental Health Professional Shortage Area. Meeting patient needs now supports better health outcomes and also takes pressure off local emergency rooms so the entire community can be better served.

“The current CHA Sparks building is in the heart of my ward. CHA is looking to grow to serve an additional 6,000 patients in our community. The need to serve the individuals is here now. Any support you can give is appreciated.” – Sparks City Councilman Don Abbott

Please help us ensure the health of our Sparks neighbors. Donate today. View our expansion brochure for more details.


Food for the Prescription Food Pantry

The Prescription Food Pantry addresses one of the most critical determinants of health; making sure patients have access to healthy food. In the past year, the Prescription Food Pantry has provided 45,374 individuals with food. Your donations directly fund the purchases of meat, eggs, vegetables, quinoa and other healthy food. Your donations are truly making a difference!

“I am especially grateful for their food pantry. Community Health Alliance has gone above and beyond to ensure my family is ok. From medical, dental, mental health all the way to the dinner table. Thank you for everything you do for all of us.”

If you’d like to make healthy, dry food donations to our Prescription Food Pantry, please contact Helina Ashagrie at or (775) 336-3079, or you can donate online.


To find out more about our programs and the ways your donation can help change lives, please contact Emelie Williams, executive director of Community Health Alliance’s Foundations, at or (775) 336-3030.

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