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Renewing Our Commitment to Sun Valley

Please help support the relocation and remodel of an all-new Community Health Alliance Sun Valley Health Center with expanded health services and programs. The space is located at 5055 Sun Valley Blvd, the heart of this great community.

The cost of this project is $2.2 million, and we have already raised $1.7 million. Your gift today will be matched! Construction will begin in January 2022 and the new location should open to patients in July 2022.

Community Health Alliance has operated at its current Sun Valley location – 5295 Sun Valley Blvd – since 2012. We acquired this health center during our merger with Saint Mary’s Hospital Mission Outreach, which had operated the health center since 1996.

During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, our Sun Valley Health Center saw 2,459 patients during 5,225 visits. An overwhelming number of our current patients report living at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty level.

We are renewing our commitment to the Sun Valley community by relocating to a health center that is 7,400 square feet and expanding our health services and programs to meet the high-demand for accessible health care.

The health center will include the following:

  • Twelve exam rooms
  • Two additional medical providers, allowing us to provide 3,000 more visits per year in the Sun Valley community
  • Dental services will be provided through Community Health Alliance’s mobile restorative dental van. Shore power will be added during the remodel.
  • Behavioral health office
  • Low-cost pharmacy (new amenity)
  • Food pantry (new amenity)
  • Three Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) offices
  • One lab (new amenity)
  • Provider offices
  • Conference room (new amenity)
  • Employee break room
  • Four restrooms (up from two)

Give the gift of health and care.


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