Staying Safe While Playing Outside

It’s summertime, and we are ready to go back outside! It’s important to spend time in nature and parks, but also to do so safely. Help to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 by practicing these habits:

  • Nevada State Governor Sisolak has asked us all to wear masks in public. If you are going to be within six feet of anyone, you need to wear a mask. Click here for a video about how you can make one out of a bandana or clothes. Masks are cool, you can find or make a stylish mask you and your friends will like!  
  • No need for a mask if you are doing physical activity outdoors, like hiking or jogging, if you can keep 6 feet from other people. But bring your mask along if you will be walking through parking lots or crowds to get to your physical activity destination
  • Avoid contact with people you don’t know, try to only shake hands and hug people in your household. When hugging, turn your head away from the person so you are not breathing on each other. A popular alternative is to “air high five” or “air hug!”
  • After shaking hands, touching surfaces, opening doors, or playing sports that involve balls or things that other people are touching, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer
  • Do your best to not touch your face, pick your nose, or put your fingers in your mouth after touching people or surfaces.  If you do have to scratch, make sure you wash your hands first
  • Help your siblings, friends, and family members also learn and practice these habits, it’s the right thing to do! 
  •  Stay active, stay safe, and stay cool! We are going to get through this and have a great summer. If you are stressed out or sad, talk about your feelings with someone you trust.  Keep doing the things you love to do following the habits above. 
  • Remind yourself, your family, and your friends how great it is to be alive in the summertime!



By Aaron Blackham, MSW, Behavioral Health Provider