Managing and Maintaining Her Health With Diabetes: Reyna’s Journey with Community Health Alliance

They have been very careful in guiding me so that I can be a survivor and stay healthy.

Reyna’s healthcare journey at Community Health Alliance started 32 years ago. She has used several of our healthcare services including primary care, pharmacy, and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Living across the street from the Nell J. Redfield Health Center at Neil Road has been a huge convenience for her; she does not have to worry about transportation to and from her appointments.

Her diabetes care is a priority. Reyna said, “I’m a diabetic patient and they have been very careful in guiding me so that I can be a survivor and stay healthy.” Reyna’s provider has been vital in keeping her healthy and providing the best medical attention. Reyna stated, “The way she dedicates her time with me. Every detail about my illnesses, my weight, my care on my feet, my eyes, and diabetes care. She does it in such a professional way that I honestly do not wish to be anywhere else that is not here at Community Health Alliance with my provider.”

Reyna is very happy with the health care she has been receiving so that she can continue with her everyday life being with family and working at her church.

We hope to become a part of your healthcare journey. We understand that when you’ve got a healthcare family who listens, understands, and believes in you, it can change your life.

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