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Insurance Enrollment Assistance

Helping you cover all potential gaps in healthcare assistance.

Many Northern Nevadans are unaware of all the services they are eligible for including insurance. While everyone who walks in our doors without insurance is eligible to apply for our sliding fee scale, sometimes there are better options.

Everyone who comes into our health centers for services is screened for insurance eligibility. Applying for insurance can be complicated and intimidating. That’s where our Insurance Eligibility Assistors come in. After a patient is found eligible for insurance, they walk you through the process so that you, and your entire family, can have as many bases covered as possible when it comes to protecting your health.

Community Health Alliance was awarded a grant to participate as a certified navigator, enrollment facilitator through the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Nevada Health Link) for plan year 2022 open enrollment. This means that our team can assist you with the application and enrollment process at no cost. After enrolling, our team can continue helping you throughout the year by reporting changes to your account, helping you understand notices, walking you through the annual renewal process and more.


Contact Our Team of Insurance Eligibility Assistors:


Sonia Alegria Maria Chagolla Juana Guillen
Sonia Alegria Maria Chagolla Juana Guillen
Contact Sonia
(775) 432-3615
Contact Maria
(775) 432-3610
Contact Juana
(775) 300-5736


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