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Prescription Food Pantries

Jack Prescription Food Pantry

Battling food insecurity while helping to treat and prevent chronic diseases by providing free, nutrient-rich food to you and your family.

Our Prescription Food Pantries provide free, nutrient-rich food to those who lack consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. We emphasize the “healthy, medical” aspect of our food pantries so we can better identify the nutritional needs to prevent or aid in the treatment of chronic disease. Our pantries are filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean or plant-based proteins, and low-fat dairy products. In addition, canned vegetables are low in sodium, and canned fruit is packed in juice or water.

Receiving food from our pantries is simple. The only requirement is to be a patient at Community Health Alliance. Though having a referral from your provider is recommended, it is not required.

Many ask how our food pantries are equipped and supported. We have one full-time food pantry coordinator at each location, and we heavily rely on community support and volunteers to help with food shipments, stock shelves, as well as pack grocery bags for patients. 

We also work collaboratively with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and receive shipments of fresh foods on Mondays and Thursdays. We are also thankful for the multiple urban farmers and organizations in Northern Nevada who we purchase and accept donated local produce, including Urban Roots, Desert Farming Initiative, Reno Gleaning Project and Harvest NV.

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4-year-old had lots of cavities!

“My 4-year-old had lots of cavities and I went to different offices for different opinions. Many offices wanted a lot of money and to put her to sleep. Dr. Montoya worked with my daughter to help her feel safe and make her be still so she could do the work while she was awake. Nowhere else would even try. My daughter actually enjoys the dentist now, and all five of my daughters are all better brushers now from talking and learning from Dr. Montoya. She is a blessing.”


I am now receiving equal if not better care than ever.

A long time ago I had money & great health insurance. That was a long time ago! But I discovered Community Health Alliance who took me in on a sliding fee scale. I am now receiving equal if not better care than ever.

Thank you for being my doctor!

Your clinic helps so many people and moves them through very efficiently.  I never mind waiting because I know you are helping someone.  And, when you come in to see me you always give me your full attention, as if I am your only patient.  Your good will and positive intent always shine through. Thank you for being my doctor.

Steven H.

I feel like I just walked in and won the lottery.

I feel like I just walked in and won the lottery…I lost one tooth 2 years ago and I was heartbroken and said I never wanna lose a tooth again. I have been so scared that I would not be able to afford my teeth and now I know I can! I am so so so happy! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!