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World Immunization Week

Pharmacy April 29, 2022

World Immunization Week 2022 The last week of April is World Immunization Week, which is a week that acts to highlight the role of immunizations in the prevention of illness and the reduction of disease transmission. [...]

National Minority Health Month 2022

Pharmacy April 20, 2022

Give Your Community a Boost! Give Your Community a Boost!, focuses on the continued importance of COVID-19 vaccination, including COVID-19 boosters, and sharing credible information as important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic that has disproportionately [...]

Understanding COVID-19 Variants

Medical February 8, 2022

What Is a Variant? Viruses are constantly changing. According to the CDC, viruses change constantly through mutation and these mutations result in new variants of viruses. As a virus spreads, it has opportunities to change and [...]

National Influenza Vaccination Week

Medical December 9, 2021

This year’s National Influenza Vaccination Week is from Dec. 5-11 The CDC recommends flu shots for anyone six months and older every season. The flu vaccination helps reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits, and missed work/school as [...]