“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno and Community Health Alliance: Why Is Primary Care So Critical?

Learn about why primary care is critical and the health care services we offer.

Freixys Casado: Hello, Telemundo friends! I am Freixys from Telemundo. Welcome to another “Tu cita de salud” (Your Health Appointment). Today I am accompanied by Dr. Fernandez. She is the medical director of the Community Health Alliance, the largest non-profit primary care organization in Northern Nevada. How are you doing?

Dr. Maria Fernandez: Doing great! How are you?

Freixys Casado: I am doing well. Thank you very much. Let’s talk about what primary care is.

Dr. Maria Fernandez: Well, primary care really is like the entrance to the healthcare system. When you see a provider who works in primary care, they do your physical exams and take your vital signs. They prescribe preventive medicine and, when necessary, they send you to specialists. It really is like the entrance to the whole healthcare system.

Freixys Casado: Ok, why is it important to have a provider for this type of care?

Dr. Maria Fernandez: It’s incredibly important because we offer vaccines, we check your blood pressure, we make sure patients don’t have medical problems. We help prevent these medical complications and really help patients be healthy.

Freixys Casado: And as I mentioned, Community Health Alliance, they are a big health center in our area. What does that mean for our community?

Dr. Maria Fernandez: The incredible thing about Community Health Alliance is that we offer medical services to the entire community no matter if they have insurance or not. We offer services to everyone. The beauty is also that we are located in different areas of Reno and Sparks. We have six locations and offer pharmacy services in three locations. We have mental health and dental services. We really are integrated into our community. If you live in this area, a Community Health Alliance will be close to you.

Freixys Casado: Those are quite a few services. Are there other services you want to mention?

Dr. Maria Fernandez: Yes, we have prescription food pantries at three of our clinics.

Freixys Casado: Excellent! That sounds like quite a lot of services, but how can people make an appointment at Community Health Alliance.

Dr. Maria Fernandez: You can call and make an appointment today. The number is (775) 329-6300.

Freixys Casado: Thank you very much, Dr. Fernandez for being here with us. You heard it here, primary care is quite important! Thank you for watching, and see you in another segment of “Tu cita de salud” (Your Health Appointment).