National Minority Health Month 2022

Give Your Community a Boost!

Give Your Community a Boost!, focuses on the continued importance of COVID-19 vaccination, including COVID-19 boosters, and sharing credible information as important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic that has disproportionately affected communities of color.


April is National Minority Health Month

April is a time to raise awareness about health disparities that continue to affect people from racial and ethnic minority groups and encourage action through health education, early detection, and control of disease complications. While about 58 percent of White, non-Hispanic people in the United States have received a COVID-19 booster as of March 2022, this is true for only about 40 percent of people from American Indian or Alaska Native, black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander communities. You can view the most current race and ethnicity data on COVID-19 vaccination, including boosters.


Learn more about the role of misinformation and health disparities here. National Minority Health Month is working to help ensure communities are up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations by sharing credible information with communities about the importance of COVID-19 vaccination, including boosters, to help end the COVID-19 pandemic.


Four Steps to #BoostYourCommunity

  1. Get facts about COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. Everyone should have access to trustworthy, culturally relevant vaccine information. Learn more about COVID-19 myths debunked.
  2. Share accurate vaccine information. Cross-check COVID-19 vaccine and booster information with the CDC, your local health department, or healthcare provider before sharing facts to help counter misinformation.
  3. Get vaccinated and stay up to date on your COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC recommends that everyone ages 5 years and older get their primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine and that everyone ages 12 years and older receive a booster shot.
  4. Practice COVID-19 safety measures based on your COVID-19 community level and individual need.


Health Equity

Health equity is the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. The CDC continues to increase health equity efforts in collaboration with communities at increased risk for COVID-19 and severe outcomes.


Achieving this requires:

  • Focused and ongoing societal efforts to address historical and contemporary injustices
  • Overcome economic, social, and other obstacles to health and health care
  • Eliminate preventable health disparities


COVID-19 Vaccine and Boosters at Community Health Alliance

Community Health Alliance provides the COVID-19 vaccine to patients and non-patients by appointment only at our Wells Ave. Health Center and Sparks Health Center. View appointment availabilities.