“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno and Community Health Alliance: What is primary care and why is it important?

Learn about primary care and why it is important.

Freixys Casado: Hi friends of Telemundo Reno! Thank you for joining us. This is your segment “Your Health Appointment” (Tu cita de salud) with Community Health Alliance. Here with me is Oscar Delgado and Dr. Travis Walker of Community Health Alliance. Thank you very much for joining us.

Oscar Delgado and Dr. Travis Walker: Thank you for having us!

Freixys Casado: Well, you’re here to talk about primary care, and I want to start with Dr. Walker. Why is it important to have this type of care and have a provider like yourself?

Dr. Travis Walker: It’s very important, especially in our community. In Nevada, we have fewer doctors compared to the rest of the country. It’s very important to have a relationship with a doctor who knows about your illnesses. It can help you and prevent diseases in the future.

Freixys Casado: Oscar, I understand that you are a patient at Community Health Alliance. Tell me something that stands out as a patient or as a leader of this organization.

Oscar Delgado: As someone who grew up here in Reno, it’s very important to know who the doctors are, who not only know me, but also the community. Dr. Walker is my primary care doctor. It is important to know that at Community Health Alliance you will receive quality services and access. My family and friends receive services from Community Health Alliance as well. My mom is a Community Health Alliance patient, and that says something. When referring your family, one needs to make sure they are receiving quality health care services. It’s important not only for me, but for the whole community.

Freixys Casado: It is important that in addition to promoting the services, you also have that experience of being a patient and knowing how patients are treated and cared for at Community Health Alliance.

Oscar Delgado: Something else that is important to know is that half the Board of Directors of Community Health Alliance need to be our patients. This way we are always looking at access to services, how patients are treated, how we can do something different or betterfor patients and the community.

Freixys Casado: Well, Dr. Walker, you are very accomplished here in Reno. This year, you won the Nevada Alumni Association Exceptional Award, and not only that, but you were also considered one of the best doctors by the Reno News & Review. Why did you choose to work at Community Health Alliance?

Dr. Travis Walker: I’m from Reno and I attended school here, college here, but this community is like my family. It’s like he said before, our leaders are our patients, and it’s very important to be in a place where I can take care of my community.

Freixys Casado: What more do you want to add?

Oscar Delgado: Thank you and everyone who joined us, please visit chanevada.org to become a patient with Community Health Alliance. We are accepting new patients at our six Community Health Alliance locations. We are also accepting most medical insurance. If you do not have health insurance, we can still help you. I hope to see you soon at the Community Health Alliance.

Dr. Travis Walker: Also, not only as a doctor, but also as a father, husband, son, and patient…it is very important to have a primary physician. Here at Community Health Alliance, it’s the best place to get quality primary care.

Freixys Casado: Well, friends of Telemundo Reno, you heard it here, primary care is very important. Community Health Alliance has a full team dedicated to providing the best service. Thank you for joining us in this segment of “Your Health Appointment” (Tu cita de salud). See you next time.

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