“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno and Community Health Alliance – 5/9/2023

Resources, who we are and more

tu cita de salud

Below is a written transcription of the interview in English:

Alejandra Falconi: Welcome to “Tu cita de salud” with Community Health Alliance where we will bring you all the resources for your health. That is why we have CEO Oscar Delgado and Dr. Travis Walker who will talk to us about what to expect.

Oscar Delgado: At Community Health Alliance we have many services for the community, but more than anything, we are family doctors.  We have services for children, parents, and seniors. We are growing a lot in many locations. We have six locations in Washoe County including North Valleys, Neil, Sparks, Sun Valley, and Wells. For any services, please call or visit our website. Dr. Walker will talk more about the services, but more than anything, we are here to serve.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent, and in Spanish and a service to take care of your health. Dr. Walker what types of diseases or diagnostics can people receive at Community Health Alliance?

Dr. Walker: We have many primary care services, dental services, mental health, and we have low-cost pharmacies. In reality, we care for the whole body. In addition, we take care of people of all ages.

Alejandra Falconi: Oscar, why is it important that our community takes care of their health especially Latinos, seniors, and children? Why is it necessary?

Oscar Delgado: We know if you do not have your health, you do not have anything. You cannot work, you cannot go to school. We need to take care of our body and our family. Sometimes we put our heads down and try to work, but that is not good. We also know that the health system is complicated. At Community Health Alliance, we have services to help people if you have insurance questions. We also have food pantries. If you do not have food in the house and a doctor tells you that you have diabetes, and you need to eat certain foods, but you do not have them, at Community Health Alliance you can have your appointment, and you can take a bag of food. At Community Health Alliance, we want everyone to take care of themselves and that this message reaches the family.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! Here at Telemundo Reno we will give you all the information including the website and phone number. Little by little, in “Tu cita de salud,” we will bring different topics so that you always have your health protected. Oscar Delgado and Dr. Walker, thank you for your visit. Is there anything else you would like our community to know about Community Health Alliance?

Oscar Delgado: We are here to serve. More than anything, if you have any questions, big or small, come to any Community Health Alliance location and ask us any questions. We will help you.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! Thank you.

Dr. Walker: Thank you.

To make an appointment, call (775) 329-6300 or pre-register online.