“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno and Community Health Alliance: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the importance of getting screened.

Alejandra Falconi: Hi friends! Today at Tu cita de salud (Your Health Appointment), we will talk about how October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For that we are accompanied by Liz Partida who is a representative of the Community Health Alliance. She is the Cancer Care Coordinator for the Women’s and Reproductive Health department. Welcome and thank you for joining us today.

Liz Partida: Thank you, Alejandra, happy to be here.

Alejandra Falconi: Thank you! Well, it is very important that you tell us why people should do this health screening, and also what services they can take advantage of at Community Health Alliance.

Liz Partida: Well, our goal at Community Health Alliance is to be able to educate our community about breast cancer screenings. Most people know someone, family or friend who are affected by cancer. In fact, one in eight women are diagnosed with this cancer in their lifetime, so we are here to help women who do not have health insurance.

Alejandra Falconi: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How important is it that we shed light on this issue?

Liz Partida: It is very important because with your routine visit and your mammogram, you can save your life and detect cancer before it is a problem.

Alejandra Falconi: And for women, what age should they get these tests?

Liz Partida: Women should talk to their doctor before getting tested, but they are usually recommended at age 40.

Alejandra Falconi: Women can take advantage of these breast cancer screenings at Community Health Alliance. For patients who go there, what services do they offer?

Liz Partida: All our patients can use our services. We have cancer screening resources that include mammography. Even if they do not have health insurance, we can still help them with our programs because we are a federally qualified health center. Please schedule an appointment or if you have questions we can talk about our program, just call (775) 329-6300.

Alejandra Falconi: These programs offered by the Community Health Alliance are quite good for women living in and around northern Nevada.

Liz Partida: Yes, in fact last year in 2022, we had the opportunity to help 400 women receive their mammogram since they did not have health insurance.

Alejandra Falconi: When it comes to local collaborations to help the community, I understand that Commuity Health Alliance and Human Bean Reno are helping women get breast cancer screenings.

Liz Partida: Every year, Human Bean Reno and all its locations in Reno and Sparks organize an event where all their profits are donated to Community Health Alliance to help all women without insurance to receive their mammogram. This year Human Bean Reno will be having it on Friday, October 20 and everyone can get their coffee for a good cause.

Alejandra Falconi: That’s great, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and help the community on October 20. Well, thank you, Liz, for having accompanied us. Anything else you want to say about Community Health Alliance services?

Liz Partida: Just go grab your coffee, one or two, to save a life.

Community Health Alliance is accepting new patients. To make an appointment, call (775) 329-6300 or pre-register online.