“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno y Community Health Alliance: Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month and disease prevention.

Alejandra Falconi:  Welcome to “Tu cita de salud” with Community Health Alliance. June is Men’s Health Month with a focus on diseases such as diabetes, colorectal cancer, and heart attacks. Today, we have Dr. Travis Walker, Chief Medical Director of Community Health Alliance. Thank you very much for being here with us, doctor.

Dr. Travis Walker: It’s an honor to be here.

Alexandra Falconi: On this topic, what does Men’s Health Month mean?

Dr. Travis Walker: Well, this month is where we pay attention to men’s health and to encourage them to take charge of their health.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! Well, then what are the most common health problems among men?

Dr. Travis Walker:  Well, first you need to get a doctor’s appointment. It’s the most important thing. After this, when you visit a doctor, they will take your medical history and will ask about your habits. After this, they’ll take care of the rest. The most important thing is to focus on preventing diseases, especially of the heart, such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. We want to work to prevent diabetes and other things like colorectal cancers.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! You mentioned that prevention is important, detect with time. Why is it important and how much can that save someone’s life, going early?

Dr. Travis Walker: Well, there are many times we can do a blood test that can identify problems much earlier than the manifestation of the disease.

Alejandra Falconi: Doctor, you mentioned how important it is for men to be specifically screened. What kind of diseases can affect them?

Dr. Travis Walker: Mostly heart disease and strokes. Also, diabetes. They can prevent it with diet, exercise, and medicine changes, if needed. It’s also important to find things before they’re malignant.

Alejandra Falconi: Although someone does not have a disease or symptom, why is it important to have this habit of going to make those regular checkups with the doctor?

Dr. Travis Walker: It is important because this habit and this contact with the doctor helps the doctor know more about the individual and the habits of the individual. This relationship with a doctor helps the treatment and the process of discovering these diseases before they occur.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! Then for our community that is watching us, the men that are watching, if they want to get close to Community Health Alliance because they have doubts. What can they do to schedule an appointment?

Dr. Travis Walker: They can call, or you can make an appointment online.

Alejandra Falconi: The resources are here in the community, that’s why “Tu cita de salud” provides all the information you need. Thank you, Dr. Travis Walker, for providing us with this much needed information and general awareness about men’s health. The important thing is that they go get their health checked with time because as the saying goes “better to prevent, than to regret.”

Dr. Travis Walker: Yes.

Alejandra Falconi: Okay, thank you.

To make an appointment at Community Health Alliance, call (775) 329-6300 or pre-register online.