Eating Healthy at Home

Most of the time, eating at home makes it easier to choose healthy options than eating out. However, if you are home all day without a regular schedule, you may find it hard to resist frequent, unhealthy snacks and more difficult to take time out for a nutritious meal. When at home following a few tips can help you and your family make healthier choices easier.

1. Have a schedule. Having a schedule for each day can help ease boredom and also allow for regular meal routines. During school these meal times and snacks are often built into the day, so creating a schedule can help you stay on top of hunger and help you make healthier choices.

2. Make healthy choices easy. Having healthy snacks that are quick and simple makes it easier to opt for something with more nutrition. Have a snack bin with items like homemade trail mix or individual unsweetened applesauce. Or a section in the refrigerator with handy snacks like string cheese, sliced cucumbers or small bags of fruit.

3. Eat at the table. When you eat while doing other things, such as watching TV, you aren’t focused on you food. Mindless snacking often results in overeating. Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues.

4. Stay active. Being bored can also lead to mindless snacking. Our bodies are meant to move. If you can’t get outside to be active try indoor activities like dancing, GoNoodle or check out our CHA YouTube channel for other ideas.

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