Flavorful Fall Produce

As October brings cooler nights and mornings it is a reminder that fall has arrived. With fall comes a new bunch of seasonal produce to pick from at your farmer’s market or grocery store, and there are a lot more options than apples and pumpkins.


Every part of a beet is edible, leaves to bulb, and packed with a phytochemical called betanin. Beets can be steamed, roasted, sliced and baked or shredded and tossed in salads.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is a great vegetable to add into recipes. Add to stir-fry, or toss with pesto or marinara sauce for a quick dish.


Did you know pears only ripen once picked from the tree? Once ripe they can be a grilled, eaten fresh, pureed in a soup or smoothie or baked. A whole pear will also provide with 6 grams of fiber!


Okra is high in vitamin K and C and is a good source of fiber and folate. Many times this vegetable is used in stews, gumbos or curries for its thickening properties.


These white looking carrot-shaped vegetables offer more than 10% of your daily value for folate and vitamin C. Eat them raw, roasted, mashed or pureed into soup. Try these as a substitute for mashed potatoes.


Try some of these tasty recipes featuring fall fruits and vegetables!


By Katie Damon, RD, LD, IBCLC