“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno and Community Health Alliance: Ways to Cope With Depression During the Holidays

Ways to cope with depression during the holidays.

Alejandra Falconi: When the festivities come, the seasons change our mood for different reasons. So, today we are accompanied by Diana Avila who is a social worker working at Community Health Alliance. Thank you very much for being with us today.

Diana Avila: Thanks for having me.

Alejandra Falconi: During festivities, our mood changes. why does this happen so often?

Diana Avila: This happens because the time changes, and it becomes dark earlier. Our routine also changes because it is cold, and people no longer want to leave their home. They want to be inside their house. Being more inside the house is not always good. We need to exercise, we need to be with family and friends, and people don’t want to do that anymore.

Alejandra Falconi: So, the lack of the sun basically affects us.

Diana Avila: Yes, we need the sun, too.

Alejandra Falconi: We are like plants.

Diana Avila: Yes.

Alejandra Falconi: Diana, what can we do for these symptoms? We may have the symptoms and not even know it.

Diana Avila: Symptoms can include not sleeping well. Each person needs eight hours of sleep. We also need to eat well. Children hardly eat well at school. It’s good to make sure that they are eating when they return from school and also taking their vitamins. We want to make sure they continue with their routine, otherwise children miss school. They may also form anger issues.

Alejandra Falconi: During the holidays, there are many people spending it alone. Maybe it’s not what they expected. That also influences how someone is going to feel.

Diana Avila: Of course. Right now, family members are coming over for the holidays. Someone may no longer talk to specific family members, they may be lonely, or they may be divorced or not with their kids during this time. As a family member, as a friend, you should talk to them and invite them to your house. Invite them out somewhere.

Alejandra Falconi: And it’s good for our community to know that they have help to solve all these issues.

Diana Avila: Yes, Community Health Alliance is accepting new patients. You can call the office or go to our website for more information.

Alejandra Falconi: Thank you very much, Diana. We will put all the information about Community Health Alliance on our website so you know that you have these resources to take care of your health.

To make an appointment, call (775) 329-6300 or pre-register online.