“Tu cita de salud” with Telemundo Reno y Community Health Alliance: Back-To-School Vaccine Clinics

Back-To-School Vaccine Clinics


Alejandra Falconi: Hello, friends! Thank you for tuning in. Well, every other Tuesday we have our “Tu cita de salud” (Your Health Appointment) with Community Health Alliance. Our guest today is Luis Martinez, pharmacist in charge of the Sun Valley Health Center of Community Health Alliance. Luis, thank you so much for coming.

Luis Martinez: Thank you for having me, Alejandra.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! For today, this is for parents. For the new school year, we know that Community Health Alliance is organizing several vaccine clinics in July and August. Tell us a little bit about these events.

Luis Martinez: Yes, of course. Our Community Health Alliance pharmacy staff will vaccinate any student who is five years or older at various community events in July and August. Washoe County School District requires several vaccinations for students going into various school grades and that’s why we have partnered with Washoe County School District and Immunize Nevada to have seven clinics at various high schools like Hug, Wooster, Damonte, Reno, Reed, McQueen, and North Valleys.

Alejandra Falconi: Well, as you mentioned, there are some required vaccines. What vaccines are available?

Luis Martinez: Yes, we offer vaccines to enter grades 7th, 11th and 12th grade, including tetanus, meningitis, and Hepatitis A. We also offer other vaccines. To see the full list of vaccines, visit our website.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent, and tell us about the vaccine appointments.

 Luis Martinez: Yes, we prefer that you make an appointment before coming, but we also accept without an appointment. The only thing is that there will be longer wait lines.

Alejandra Falconi: Okay, it’s important to have patience. Well, once the appointment comes up, what documents are necessary and should not forget to bring?

Luis Martinez: Yes, we ask that you bring your health insurance, if applicable. Also, if you have received vaccines in another country or state, also bring them in, so you can give your child the vaccine he needs. Before these events, please bring your children in clothes that have access to the arm or leg to receive the vaccine. As a reminder to everyone, a parent or legal guardian should be present at the appointment.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! It’s very important to think about what clothes to wear. I imagine they give you the prize at the end. The paddle was my favorite part when I was getting vaccinations. What other opportunities are there for families to take advantage of to prepare their children now that the next school year is coming?

Luis Martinez: If you can’t attend one of our high school events, we offer vaccines at our three pharmacies located at Wells, Sparks, and Sun Valley. You do not have to be a Community Health Alliance patient to make an appointment with us. You can go online and make that appointment.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! You told me it’s for five years and older. What do parents do who have children who are under five?

Luis Martinez: If you have children who are under the age of five, you can make an appointment with one of our medical providers at any location, and you can visit our website www.chanevada.org, or you can call (775) 329-6300.

Alejandra Falconi : Excellent! There are always resources available. On the screen, we will put the addresses. Luis, thank you for all that information so parents can be prepared. The most important thing is to take care of our health and protect our children. Well, it’s great that we can take advantage of these vaccines and vaccination clinics because our children are protected. Is there anything else you want to add that’s important about these clinics?

Luis Martinez: These appointments are very important. We want to be able to give everyone the opportunity to come and get vaccinated. We partnered with Immunize Nevada and Washoe County School District to make these events accessible to everyone.

Alejandra Falconi: Excellent! Take advantage of these resources, they are available, and they speak Spanish. There is no excuse for not getting vaccinated. Luis, thank you for visiting us at this “Tu cita de salud” (Your Heath Appointment).

Luis Martinez: Thanks for having me.